Blue Seal Program

Blue Seal Nexus Certificate

About This Program

The Blue Seal Certificate isn’t your ordinary certificate – it’s your passport to prestige! Custom-crafted for skilled tradespeople, this specialized program is your launchpad from trade mastery to becoming a business and management virtuoso. For those dedicated to forging leadership paths in the trades industry, this certificate is your passport to elevated opportunities and acclaim. Journey through each course until your passport is brimming with experiences. This comprehensive 171-hour curriculum spans six meticulously tailored courses, making the Blue Seal Certificate an embodiment of unwavering commitment, distinction, and excellence.

The Blue Seal Nexus is designed for:

  • Craftsmen, trades workers, and professionals eager to:

    • Transition to pivotal management or leadership roles.
    • Enhance their current skills to stay informed about evolving industry trends
    • Lay a robust foundation for launching or elevating their trade business.


We are currently conducting quality assurance testing, and enrollment is temporarily on hold with no specified duration.
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Key Benefits of the Blue Seal

Develop In-Demand Skills

Save Time and Money​

Increase the Value of Your Resume

Acquire the Ultimate Management and Business Skillset

The Blue Seal Certificate signifies more than a mere credential—it reflects your unswerving commitment to mastering the multifaceted world of trades. Embark on this transformative journey, equip yourself with unparalleled business skills, and carve a niche for yourself in the trades industry’s upper echelons. Your future awaits.

Case Studies on World-Renowned Companies

The courses of the Blue Seal program feature various case studies and business examples of some of the largest and most innovative companies around the world. These case studies and examples summarize the key takeaways of each course.

How to Get Your Blue Seal Certificate

If you have a valid Alberta Journeyman, Occupational, Qualification or Proficiency Certificate, you can enhance your current certification with a Blue Seal.

The Achievement in Business Competencies program, also known as the Blue Seal program, was established by the Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training Board (AIT Board) to encourage and recognize the study of business subject areas completed by Alberta-recognized certified trade and occupational certificate holders at Government of Alberta accredited training schools. The Royal Alberta College (RAC) is a Government of Alberta approved educational service provider for the Blue Seal Program.

If you are a certified Alberta journey-person in a designated trade or occupation, earning a Blue Seal proves that you not only meet Alberta’s high industry standards, but you also have the drive to develop your business skills and succeed in business, providing you more diversity in the field. By enrolling in the Royal Alberta College Blue Seal Program, graduates will receive a certificate of completion that will permit you to apply to the Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training Board for a Blue Seal by an approved educational training provider. 

Each Blue Seal learner will receive a certificate of completion for each course they complete and an overall Blue Seal transcript.

Through the Thomas Wacowich Life Learning Legacy initiative, this program is subsidized to a rate of ZERO for those that already obtain a Red Seal or equivalency that is recognized by your local government. 

Learners simply must pay a non-refundable registration and administrative fees (between $78.00 and 98.00 Canadian Dollars for the entire program) * This does NOT include the fees paid to the Government of Alberta for the issue of the seal (approx. cost is $50.00 see below for further information) 

Registration Fees cover:

  1. Application fee – 
  2. Administrative fee for documentation- 
  3. Access fee (email key) to access learning
  4. Transcript and diploma (required for release for Blue Seal by GOA)